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  • Many features
  • More flexibility
  • Pay for calling as you go
  • Unlimited extensions
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Customer Service:
  • Many features
  • More flexibility
  • Pay for calling as you go
  • Unlimited extensions
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Onsip – Reviews and Experiences 2021

Are you considering using OnSIP for your VoIP needs?

OnSIP is a company that offers simple internet phone solutions that allow you to use a computer as if it were a phone. In this review, we are going to take an in-depth look at OnSIP to help you determine if the service is right for you!


$ 24 95 /month

  • Including "Metered" Features and:
  • Unlimited Standard Area Calling
  • Call Recording

Metered User

$ 8 95 /month

  • Including "PAYG" Features and:
  • Voicemail Box
  • Auto Attendant
  • Ring Group
  • Dial by Name Directory
  • Announcement
  • Music On Hold Channel
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Call Parking
  • Enhanced Music On Hold
  • And Many More Features

Pay as You Go

$ 0 /month

  • Including "Free" Features and:
  • No Limit on # of Users
  • External Calling
  • 5 Voicemail Boxes
  • 3 Auto Attendants
  • 3 Ring Groups
  • 1 Dial by Name Directory
  • 1 Announcement
  • 5 Music On Hold Channels
  • 1 Call Recording User
  • And Many More Features


$ 0 /month

  • Up to 100 Users
  • Web Voice/Video Calling
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Web Call Buttons/Links
  • Web Phones
  • Business Hour Rules
  • SIP Domain Hosting
  • Developer APIs
  • Chrome Extension
  • Zendesk Integration
  • Knowledgebase Access
  • And Many More Features

For Whom is OnSIP Ideal?

OnSIP’s internet VoIP services are ideal for any type of non-profit, business, government organization, or public entity. Many of their current and previous customers are small businesses. They offer alternatives to traditional landlines at cheaper rates. This specific benefit positions them to serve start-ups and small businesses on a small budget.


Customers can benefit from a range of features and add-ons that OnSIP provides.

There are several compelling reasons a customer would consider OnSIP:

  • Their free plan allows users to test out the main features of their service without having to pay money.
  • The VoIP service offers real-time calling data that will help salespeople close more deals.
  • A CRM functionality called “closed loop analytics” allows marketing and sales departments share information that will lead to increased sales.
  • Integrations with Chrome, Slack, and Zendesk and access to developer APIs make customization for specific needs easy and accessible


Despite the benefits OnSIP brings customers, there are features and expectations that miss the mark. Overall, OnSIP provides a quality service for their clients. There are more positives than negatives, but keep these elements in mind when making a buying decision:

  • Customer service can be unresponsive when communicating with customers, and their online support hours are limited. Representatives take hours to days responding to customers.
  • As with any VoIP service, potential customers need to have dedicated audio equipment. This means buying dedicated IP phones that will work on a local network.

International VoIP Calls

One of the perks of being an OnSIP customer is the ability to talk with leads and customers that live in other parts of the world. OnSIP offers international calling with unique pricing for each international region. There is no uniform price – each region has its own extra fee.

Special Features

OnSIP offers many unique features including:

  • Auto attendants.
  • Voicemail to text translation.
  • High-Definition conference suits.
  • Call management.
  • The ability to record and transmit information to other departments within a company.

Advanced Features

OnSIP has pricing and feature sets that are designed to serve individuals and businesses at various levels. In order to do this, they have set up three plan packages. Each package has a unique feature set that is increasingly advanced. Every upgrade includes all of the features from the package below it.

Package #1 – Free

OnSIP’s free package allows you to do basic web video and voice calling. The package offers multi-party video, allowing multiple people to be seen at once. Integrations like Chrome, Slack, and Zendesk integration help businesses manage contacts and keep track of where leads are in their sales processes.

Package #2 – Pay As You Go

“Pay As You Go” allows you to pay for only the time you use instead of being billed monthly. Features such as unlimited phone users, Email, Phone, and Ticket support, and holding music are added in to make the user experience better for both the business and the individuals they are talking to. In order to activate a “Pay As You Go” plan, a customer must purchase $49.95 worth of services.

Package #3 – Metered User

“Metered User” is the first standard, monthly plan. It features voicemail to text translation, call parking, and auto attendants on every call. “Metered User” plans cost $8.95 per user, per month.

Package #4 – Unlimited User

“Unlimited User” features unlimited standard calling and the ability to record phone calls and store them as MP3.”Unlimited User” plans cost $24.95 per user, per month.

Customer Service

Customer service is one of OnSIP’s weak points as a company. Representatives and customer service agents have limited working hours and respond to customers in an untimely manner. Many customers have reported that customer service agents are scripted, rehearsed in their speech, and uninterested in solving specific issues. However, if a supervisor steps in to assist a customer, most problems are satisfactorily resolved.


If you are in the market for a quality, reliable VoIP service, OnSIP is a strong contender for your business. They offer top of the line service, flexible packages with decent prices, and problem-solving add-ons to fit your exact needs.

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User Experiences

Here are some reviews of customers!

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  • Customer Service
  • Features

6 User Reviews

  • Price/Performance
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  • Features
We have actually paid for the unlimited user package as we have a high call volume and didn't want to be worrying about our monthly usage etc. We like the fact that we can record calls - this helps with our staff training and for marketing/research purposes too. Additionally, we found the call plan and prices to be straightforward and easy to understand - there is the flat monthly fee, and then extra costs for things such as number porting and voicemail. The "A La Carte" app section is a great feature as you can basically tailor your VoIP service to include only what you want.
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
For the monthly cost of this service you receive a great deal in return! We were quite surprised at the low rate for the Metered User package and the features that it comes with. We used the 30 day free trial first to get a feel for the system and once we have used it, we realised that it was perfect for what we required so we signed up!
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
Our staff are extremely busy and don't have an ample amount of time to answer the phone therefore the OnSip voicemail to email feature helps a lot. We can basically check our emails when possible and play back any voicemails we have - such a handy but underrated feature! I can't fault the OnSip service at all - the VoIP system is lag free and responsive and the price is reasonable too!
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
Due to our large selection of different departments and potential caller requirements we loved the fact that OnSip offers an auto attendant feature. This saves so much admin time its unreal! We don't have to mess around transferring people to the correct department now - the auto attendant takes care of this! Customers will simply ring our main number and then the auto attended will reel off a selection of options so they can get directed exactly where they need to go - its perfect! The groups feature is also a handy tool too.
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
In our sales orientated business we operate a busy call centre and we have been looking to upgrade from a telephony system to a VoIP for some time now. OnSip appeared to be a reasonable choice and as it turns out, it was! We use the call centre features extensively and it really has improved our efficiency and productivity. Using the enhanced queue dashboard we can receive all calls and put our customers in a hold queue. Furthermore, we have used the Google Analytics integration to analyse our incoming calls. The system itself and calls appear to run smoothly with little to no distortion.
  • Price/Performance
  • Customer Service
  • Features
We chose OnSip due to its array of features and support. This VoIP provider has a fantastic package and a great deal to offer for a small business such as ours. The voicemail system is spot on - we can leave our staff members messages if they are unable to take a call and its so easy to listen back to a message too. Because our business has several departments, we also use the groups feature to great effect - we have created a separate group for each department and created different ring tones for each group etc so we can easily identify the calls. I would recommend this VoIP package to anyone - its definitely helped our business!